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Vitria Wins a Demo Spot at the Nokia Innovation Challenge

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It’s more good news from the Nokia Innovation Challenge – a selected jury comprising 30+ members representing SVP/ VP/ Director level executives from Nokia Networks CTO group, Mobile Broadband Business Unit, Services Business Unit, Nokia Technologies, Nokia Growth Partners and external service providers and innovation consultants awarded Vitria a demo spot win.

Vitria Selected As a Top 20 Contender in the Nokia Innovation Challenge

Nokia Demo

Recently we participated in the Nokia Innovation Challenge and presented our views and capabilities around Operational Intelligence as a streaming platform for innovation, insight and personalization. During our presentation we discussed the problems and limitations that organizations experience with respect to batch data processing and the associated inherent data latency. 

Real-time Streaming Analytics for Telcos: The Essentials

Operational Intelligence Blog I Telecos I Vitria

For telco providers, streaming analytics capabilities are crucial for optimizing their network performance, improving the customer experience, increasing retention rates and reducing costs.  Ari Banerjee, Senior Analyst at Heavy Reading, recently published a report that succinctly outlines:

In the Spotlight: Streaming Analytics in Action

Operational Intelligence Blog I Streaming Analytics I Vitria

I hosted a webinar yesterday that featured a live demonstration of Vitria’s streaming analytics solution. The webinar drew 340 registrants across a host of industries.  Dr. Dale Skeen, CTO & Co-Founder of Vitria, kicked off the session by succinctly defining streaming analytics and differentiating it from BI and other batch-oriented analytics approaches.  He then delved into the kinds of business problems that are best addressed with streaming analytics using customer stories.  My personal favorite is how O2 uses streaming analytics to excel at real-time one-to-one marketing.  By correlating customer movements over time along the set of cell sites that serve the Eurostar route - while masking out other local train services along the same route - this mobile operator is able to predict which customers are about to leave the country and can then send them a highly targeted and timely marketing offer – before they reach their destination and turn off data roaming.

Stop Spam in Its Tracks: How Operators Can Protect Customers from Mobile Fraud

Operational Intelligence Blog I Mobile Fraud I Vitria

Have you been a victim of spam on your mobile device? I’ve been lucky so far but I know a number of colleagues and friends who have not been so fortunate. For them, what can be a relentless stream of unwanted texts can become pretty wearing. And, with governments increasingly stepping in to regulate and monitor mobile spam, operators are forced to take action. No operator wants to be top of the list when it comes to the number of spam messages delivered.

Streaming Big Data Analytics – Are We There Yet?

204InfographicThumb 200 257

Earlier this month I attended the Big Data Innovation Summit in Santa Clara that brought together over 600 data scientists, enterprise and data architects, business analysts, BI executives, customer experience professionals and C-level executives. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to poll the attendees to gauge their perceptions of real-time Big Data Analytics, and in particular, streaming Big Data Analytics. The three key questions we posed to the attendees were as follows:

CSPs and 1-to-1 Marketing: The Power of Personalization

Operational Intelligence I CSP I Vitria

Communication Service Provider (CSP) marketers are on a perpetual quest to find innovative ways to better serve their customers and improve the relevance of their offers. The greatest value is delivered through treating customers as individuals, and CSPs can achieve this capability through leveraging real-time analytics to deliver the right offer to the right person at precisely the right time.

Live Demo: Streaming Analytics - The Next Big Thing in Big Data

streaming big data analytics live demo | Vitria

As the speed of business accelerates, organizations are producing increasingly vast volumes of high velocity data in a variety of formats. Previously, organizations have had to resort to capturing, storing, and attempting to extract insights from data warehouses, after-the-fact. Organizations are now beginning to realize the benefits of being able to continuously analyze data as it is captured, in real-time – and take immediate action. The challenge lies in the fact that few organizations have the tools to analyze and immediately act on streaming data. In fact, in a recent survey, although 41% of the respondents stated that the ability to analyze and act on streaming data in minutes was critical, 67% admitted to not having the infrastructure to support that goal.

Want to Keep Your Telco Customers Happy and Loyal? Anticipate Their Every Need.

Operational Intelligence I Customer Experience Management I Vitria

In today’s world, cell phone carriers can no longer merely compete on the basis of price and service quality. To successfully retain customers, providers must also focus on the quality of the customer experience, and customers expect more than just multiple channels to interact with their carrier. Today’s customers want choice and personalization - essentially they want to be treated as individuals.

Real-Time Analytics and Storm Tracking: How Utilities Can Keep Customers Out of the Dark

Operational Intelligence I Real-Time Analytics  I Vitria

The east coast has been hammered this season with a deluge of winter storms – loads of snow, ice, and generally frigid conditions.  In addition, these storms can bring hurricane force winds and spawn thunderstorms, lightning, and even tornadoes. When the weather gets rough, the ability to precisely forecast it, track it, and assess the impact on essential services - like utilities – in real-time is critically important.

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