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CSPs and 1-to-1 Marketing: The Power of Personalization

Operational Intelligence I CSP I Vitria

Communication Service Provider (CSP) marketers are on a perpetual quest to find innovative ways to better serve their customers and improve the relevance of their offers. The greatest value is delivered through treating customers as individuals, and CSPs can achieve this capability through leveraging real-time analytics to deliver the right offer to the right person at precisely the right time.

Live Demo: Streaming Analytics - The Next Big Thing in Big Data

streaming big data analytics live demo | Vitria

As the speed of business accelerates, organizations are producing increasingly vast volumes of high velocity data in a variety of formats. Previously, organizations have had to resort to capturing, storing, and attempting to extract insights from data warehouses, after-the-fact. Organizations are now beginning to realize the benefits of being able to continuously analyze data as it is captured, in real-time – and take immediate action. The challenge lies in the fact that few organizations have the tools to analyze and immediately act on streaming data. In fact, in a recent survey, although 41% of the respondents stated that the ability to analyze and act on streaming data in minutes was critical, 67% admitted to not having the infrastructure to support that goal.

Want to Keep Your Telco Customers Happy and Loyal? Anticipate Their Every Need.

Operational Intelligence I Customer Experience Management I Vitria

In today’s world, cell phone carriers can no longer merely compete on the basis of price and service quality. To successfully retain customers, providers must also focus on the quality of the customer experience, and customers expect more than just multiple channels to interact with their carrier. Today’s customers want choice and personalization - essentially they want to be treated as individuals.

Real-Time Analytics and Storm Tracking: How Utilities Can Keep Customers Out of the Dark

Operational Intelligence I Real-Time Analytics  I Vitria

The east coast has been hammered this season with a deluge of winter storms – loads of snow, ice, and generally frigid conditions.  In addition, these storms can bring hurricane force winds and spawn thunderstorms, lightning, and even tornadoes. When the weather gets rough, the ability to precisely forecast it, track it, and assess the impact on essential services - like utilities – in real-time is critically important.

Fraud Prevention and Customer Experience Management: How Banks Leverage Real-Time Analytics to Achieve a Balance

Operational Intelligence I Customer Experience Management I Vitria

Back in mid-December 2013 – at the peak of the holiday shopping season – Target Corporation announced that security around customer debit and credit cards had been compromised and eventually reported that the breach affected 110 million accounts.  That’s one in three Americans. While this breach originated within Target’s systems, at the end of the line the buck stops with the banks. 

Retail Supply Chain Management: How Real-Time Analytics Improve the Customer Experience

Operational Intelligence I Retail Supply Chain Management I Vitria

Savvy retailers are now realizing that supply chain management plays a significant role not only in the operational cost structure and profitability but also in the quality of the customer experience. Buyers will no longer tolerate delivery problems or out-of-stock inventory, and retailers that can’t live up to impeccable order delivery and perpetually in-stock inventory can’t count on loyalty to keep customers in the fold. 

Real-Time Analytics and Ad Hoc Queries: What Hadoop Can and Can’t Do for You

Operational Intelligence I Hadoop I Vitria

I recently ran across an article in TechTarget that talks extensively about Hadoop’s limitations around real-time analytics applications.  The article, authored by Ed Burns, emphasizes that while Hadoop was designed to process large sets of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data, it was built as a batch processing system which imposes significant limitations around real-time analysis. In the article Burns features excerpts from an interview with Forrester analyst Mike Gualtieri who mentions that there are plenty of vendors and end users asking, “Why can’t we execute real-time data analytics and ad hoc queries using Hadoop?” It’s a valid question, and Mike cites a key obstacle Hadoop faces with respect to real-time analytics.

How End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility Delivers Happier Customers and More Revenue

Operational Intelligence Blog I Supply Chain I Vitria

Recently I had the privilege of reconnecting with Jim Sinur, former Gartner analyst and a legendary thought leader in the business process management realm.  I demonstrated for him Vitria’s recently released Operational Intelligence Apps (OI Apps) which are part of our “process visibility” suite of business analytics apps which features these key capabilities:

The Data in the Dark Dilemma: How Streaming Analytics Can Help

Operational Intelligence Blog I Streaming Analytics I Vitria

Last week I hosted a webinar on streaming analytics where Dale Skeen, Vitria’s CTO and co-founder and Mike Gualtieri, Principal Analyst at Forrester shared fascinating examples of companies that are improving their customers’ experience and engaging in micro targeted 1:1 marketing in real-time, thanks to these innovations in analytics.

Forrester & Vitria Present on Improving Customer Experience and Real-time 1:1 Marketing with Streaming Analytics

Operational Intelligence Blog I Forrester I Vitria

I recently had the pleasure of co-presenting a webinar with Mike Gualtieri, Principal Analyst at Forrester.  It was a highly engaging session on streaming analytics – why it’s so important, what capabilities are essential, how it complements existing BI and Big Data infrastructure and how companies are reaping significant rewards around improving the customer experience and generating incremental revenue.

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