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Hello Stream Processing


In the realm of analytics, organizations are now understanding the shortcomings and drawbacks of batch-oriented data processing, it is becoming clear that Stream processing is inevitable in many real-life applications. Stream processing turns the batch oriented computation upside down on its head, latter is store-compute paradigm whereas Stream processing is compute-store i.e perform in real-time operations such as filter, join, enrich, aggregate, group-by  before the data or aggregates are stored for historical analysis. 

Managing your Operational Intelligence environment.

Process Tracking in Vitria OI

The heart of Vitria OI is the analytics engine, which has been designed and optimized to perform in-memory analytics over real-time streams of data. The Complex Event Processing Analytic Query models, called Event Processing Networks (EPN) are created in a graphical modeling environment that provides a rich library of services and functions that have been optimized to participate in the continuous, real-time analysis and pattern recognition algorithms.

What is Process Visibility?

Magnifying Glass Solution

Successful business operations depend on processes – specifically, on repeatable, measurable processes that can be improved and extended over time.

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