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Vitria Announces M3O v3.2 Operational Intelligence Platform

Posted on Mon, Jul 11, 2011

Vitria announces the release of the M3O Operational Intelligence Platform v3.2 for real-time business analytics and intelligence with the following new feature enhancements:

  1. CEP Analytics Engine Performance: Improves CEP performance of join queries, high volume filtering, and watch list use cases.
  2. CEP Live Collection: Enables the propagation of incremental changes corresponding to a CEP aggregation query, enabling real-time visualization.
  3. Macro Enhancements: Enables the layering of complexity within OpsBook pages. A developer can start developing in a single layer and later factor layers into macros through the UI.
  4. Domain Browsing: Enables developers to easily browse and copy models from samples or shared by other developers.
  5. Model Relationship Browser: Enables simple exploration of models within a project using link analysis to traverse dependency relationships among models. For example, a developer can easily find all models that use a feed or see all models that use a schema.
  6. Log Console: Enables developers to easily view application logs, which are often needed during development. Developers do not need to look for this in the file system.

Read the official M3O Operational Intelligence Platform v3.2 press release.

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